Trilobe shape extrudates catalyst carriers

  1. High compressive strength
  2. Low wear,low impurity content
  3. Adjustable size,Pore structure,stacking density
  4. stable and excellent use effect
  5. good impregnation characteristics of active components
 Tech Specs

Production Description:

Trilobe shape extrudates alumina catalyst carriers also called 3-lobe, clover-leaf,trefoil alumina catalyst supports. It extrudates with cloverleaf cross sections.

The crystal form is γ-Al2O3 or θ- Al2O3.This product is white trefoil granules,non-toxic, odorless insoluble in water and ethanol. All indexes can be adjusted

according to requirements.

Production Specifications:

Product Applications:

It is widely used in adsorbent,hydrodesulfurization catalyst carrier, hydrodenitrification catalyst carrier, CO sulfur-tolerant shift

catalyst carrier and other fields.