Gamma alumina microspheres catalyst carrier


γ gamma alumina microspheres

Size: 75-95um
Pore volume: 0.3-0.4ml/g
Bulk density: 0.8-1.1g/ml
Specific surface are:100-350m2/g


 Tech Specs

Gamma alumina microspheres/spherical catalyst carriers/supports

Our gamma γ-alumina microspheres crystal form is γ-Al2O3. It is a small white sphericalparticle,non toxic,odorless,odorless, insoluble

in water and ethanol.It can adjust particle size distribution,pore volume,specific surface area & other indicators according to requirements.

Especially suitable for use as carrier of C3 and C4 dehydrogenation catalysts in fluidized bed/fluidized bed.

Detailed specifications:

Production process:

Gamma alumina microspheres catalyst carrier using Pseudo-boehmite as the main raw material, dissolve it with nitric acid,and perform

centrifugal spray.Therefore, different pseudoboehmite can be selected to control the chemical composition of the γ-Al2O3 microspherical

support, and process conditions such as the amount of nitric acid and the centrifugal speed can be changed to control the particle size

distribution of the γ-Al2O3 microspherical support.

Production workshop:

The equipment we used is centrifugal spray tower,following is the specification: diameter: 7.0 meter,height: 22meter,Evaporation: 1400Kg/h

Advantage characteristics:

1.Without no hollow ball.

2.Owns good sphericity and concentrated particle size

3.Pore volume and specific surface area can be adjusted according to customers’ detailed requirements.