Plum blossom alumina catalyst carrier


Plum blossom alumina catalyst carrier

Outer Diameter: 9-10mm
Inner Diameter: 2.0-2.5mm
Length: 7-8mm
Specific surface are:200±20m2/g


 Tech Specs

Plum blossom alumina catalyst carrier/support

We can produce alumina catalyst carriers comes in different shapes and sizes that can suitable for many different applications and processes,shapes mainly including:

  • 3-lobe/trilobe/trifolium/clover
  • 4-lobe/quadrilobe/quadrifoil
  • cylinder/cylinderical
  • hollow cylinder/cylinderical
  • sphere/ball
  • raschig ring/ring
  • butterfly
  • pellet/microsphere
  • butterfly
  • plum blossom

Detailed specifications: