Mesoporous pseudoboehmite


1. High purity

2. High pore volume

3. Large specific surface area

4. Stable and excellent use effect

 Tech Specs
1. Pseudo Boehmite properties:
Pseudo-boehmite, also known as alumina monohydrate, boehmite, English name: Pseudo Boehmite,  non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, white colloidal (wet) or powder (dry), high purity crystal phase, good peptization performance, strong adhesion, higher specific surface, large pore volume, etc., its hydrated state is thithiatic gel.

2. Main application:

The amount of pseudoboehmite used in catalyst production accounts for 20% of the total amount. It can be used as an adhesive for semi synthetic rare earth Y-type molecular sieve cracking catalysts, an adhesive for aluminum silicate refractory fibers, a catalyst for dehydration of alcohol to ethylene, and a catalyst for reducing ethylene. The product is calcined at 400 to 700 ℃ γ- Al2O3 is widely used as a catalyst carrier, catalyst, adsorbent, etc; Nanoscale can be obtained by calcining at 1100~1200 ℃ α- Al2O3 is widely used as coating additives, high-grade ceramics, high-efficiency catalysts in petrochemical industry, submicron/nanoscale abrasive and polishing materials, cosmetics fillers, and inorganic membrane materials. It is a new type of material with broad development prospects. It is the first choice for synthesizing phosphorus aluminum molecular sieves and heteroatom phosphorus aluminum molecular sieves.

1)Pseudoboehmite is used as an adhesive in the petrochemical and refining catalyst industries and as an aluminum source for molecular sieve synthesis. Pseudoboehmite is mainly used as a catalytic cracking catalyst as an adhesive. Pseudoboehmite as a binder can not only improve the strength of the catalyst, but also adjust the pore size distribution of the catalyst, improve the thermal and hydrothermal stability of the catalyst, adjust the density of the acidic active centers of the catalyst, and improve catalytic activity.

2)Pseudoboehmite as catalyst carrier

Pseudoboehmite is widely used as a catalyst carrier for various reactions in chemical, oil refining, and petrochemical industries. Typical examples include hydrofining catalyst carriers, reforming catalyst carriers, and methanation catalyst carriers. After dehydration, pseudoboehmite becomes γ- Alumina can also be used as a catalyst.

3.Technical indexes:

Mesoporous pseudoboehmite:

4. Package:

25kg/50kg bag, ton bag or according to customers’ detailed requirements.