Spherical particles alumina catalyst support

  1. High compressive strength
  2. Low wear
  3. Adjustable size,Pore structure,stacking density
  4. stable and excellent use effect
 Tech Specs

Product Description:

Sphere shape alumina catalyst support the crystal form: γ-Al2O3 or θ- Al2O3, This product is white spherical particles, non-toxic,odorless

insoluble in water and ethanol.HL-MS product is used as catalyst covering support and adsorbent material in the reactor. Its main function

is to increase gas or liquid distribution point and support and protect active catalyst with low strength. It has the characteristics of high purity

good heat resistance, mechanical impact resistance and  stable chemical performance, and is widely used in petrochemical, natural gas, coal

chemical and other industries.

Product Specification:

Brand Diameter L.O.I Water absorption Radial strength Specific surface area Pore volume Attrition Bulk density
mm % % N/㎝ m2 /g ml/g % g/ml
HL-MS01 0.8-1.2 <5.0 60-100 >15.0 100-300 0.5-1.0 <1.0 0.3-0.6
HL-MS02 2-4 <5.0 60-100 >30.0 100-300 0.5-1.0 <1.0 0.3-0.6
HL-MS03 3-5 <5.0 60-100 >40.0 100-300 0.5-1.0 <1.0 0.3-0.6