Quadrilobe butterfly alumina catalyst carrier

Quadrilobe shaped alumina catalyst carrier also called four-leaf clover shaped alumina catalyst support, for these shaped like butterfly so sometimes we also named butterfly shape alumina catalyst carrier.

Quadrilobe alumina catalyst carrier the crystal form is γ-Al2O3 or θ- Al2O3.This product is white butterfly-shaped particles, non-toxic odorless insoluble in water and ethanol. All indexes can be adjusted according to requirements.

It is widely used in adsorbent,hydrodesul-furization catalyst carrier hydrodenitrification catalyst carrier, CO sulfur-tolerant shift catalyst carrier and other fields.

Many experiments results show that,when using FCC diesel oil as raw material, when the partial pressure of hydrogen is 6.0 Mpa,the temperature is 360℃, the space velocity is 2.0h-1, the hydrogen oil ratio is 500:1,the quadrilobe shaped catalyst has better hydrogenation performance.